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Category Meal Planning will change the way you look at dinner

I’ll be honest, I am not a fan of meal planning as I like to cook with what I have on hand and don’t like getting stuck into a ridge dinner plan that I may not feel like by the time it comes to cook that meal.

About a month a go I started using Category meal planning, that’s what I named it anyway.

Basically on a Friday morning before I go to the supermarket I will write seven categories down, then go shopping with this open plan and buy what’s on special, come home and fill in the gaps with more specific meals as it gets closer to that day.

Follow my hashtag #categorymealplanning on Instagram for inspiration each week.

Categories are for example:

Fun Dinner – eg, homemade pizza, Mexican, homemade sausage rolls, wraps, burgers

Pasta – eg, spaghetti bolognese, ravioli, gnocchi

Noodles – eg. stir fry, noodle soup and more here

BBQ – eg. steak, sausages, kebabs with a side salad

Roast – eg. chicken, pork, lamb with vegetables

Chicken – eg. so many to choose from here

Seafood – eg. crumbed fish, calamari with chips and salad

Leftovers – eg. normally on my last work day of the week we will eat all the leftovers from the preceding days.  Everyone may have a different meal depending on how much is left.

Slow Cooker – so many to choose from here

Soup – so many to choose from here – will depend on what vegetables need to be eaten

And so on.

I am loving using this method of meal planning for our dinners.

Do you category meal plan?

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