Meal Plan Monday #12

Meal Plan Monday #12

This week’s meal plan isn’t all that exciting.  I have some family favourites this week and also including Prawn gyozas from the freezer which I am sure both boys will turn their noses up at. hahaha

We had the roast lamb on Sunday night and in all honesty this will be the last time I ever cook a roast lamb.  The smell that came from the lamb when I opened the cryovac packaging was so over powering it turned me off wanting to eat the meat.  I smothered it in rosemary and garlic and I still couldn’t get the smell out of my system.  Has anyone else experienced the same?

Note: even though my meal plan is Monday to Friday, my week starts on the Friday when I go grocery shopping and ends on the the Thursday.

MONDAYSpaghetti Bolognese

TUESDAY – Pressure Cooker Beef Stroganoff – I bought chuck steak when I normally buy rump steak to make the stroganoff.  I will simply use my normal recipe but put it in the pressure cooker when I get home and it will be cooked in about 30 mins (hands free)

WEDNESDAYPrawn Gyozas were on special last week.  Hubby and I love them – lets hope the kids eat them.

THURSDAY – Leftover night.  There will be leftover spaghetti bolognese and stroganoff to eat tonight.

FRIDAY – End of week takeaway night after the busy week.

SATURDAY – We bought a pizza oven in May and now we make pizza on most Saturday nights.

SUNDAY – Roast Lamb – see above intro – never cooking again.

Meal Plan Monday #12

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2 Responses to Meal Plan Monday #12

  1. Michelle June 20, 2019 at 9:36 am #

    I have and I only just brought it 10 mins ago so I went straight back to shop as it’s only 3 mins up the road and told them that it’s still in date but smells off the shop assistant took one smell and said Ewww l will give you a replacement and my money back the shop assistant opened the replacement in shop and it smelt better . So I had a free dinner

    • Amanda June 24, 2019 at 8:41 am #

      I should of taken it back, it definitely wrecked having roast lamb for me and was such a waste of money.

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