Meal Plan Monday #2

Meal Plan Monday #2

Meal Plan Monday number 2 is ready and waiting.

Note: While my plan is Monday to Friday, I do my grocery shopping on a Friday so I actually start my week on a Friday for meals.  This is why I have a leftover roast pork meal on the Tuesday as I cooked the roast on the Sunday.

Find last weeks Meal Plan here.


Meal Plan Monday #2

Monday – This was meant to be cooked last week but we ended up having leftovers on the day it was meant to be cooked, so I am cooking it this week.  Variation on this meal.

Tuesday – Leftover Roast Pork Curry – The linked recipe is with lamb, but I am using pork.  The roast was cooked on Sunday and I buy larger than our family needs so I can make another meal with the leftovers.  Just remember leftover cooked meat needs to be eaten within three days of cooking.  Once you re-heat it/cook with it again you need to eat it all otherwise it has to be discarded.

Wednesday – Ravioli and Homemade Vegetable Sauce – my youngest son loves Ravioli so we have it every second week.  I make a homemade sauce for it.  I will blog the recipe next week.

Thursday – This is an easy dinner night.  I will buy some fresh rolls from the bakery at work and then cook up the egg and bacon and add tomato and lettuce, mayonnaise and tomato sauce.

Friday – Takeaway – night off after a busy week.

Saturday – Standard BBQ night each week.  Add a salad and oven baked chips.

Sunday – Roast night – this week it’s pork, mashed potato, vegetables and gravy.

Share you week of dinners in the comment.

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