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I have only used home delivery for my groceries once and that was the week that my first son was born, it was from a large supermarket chain and I can clearly remember that the meat we received wasn’t that crash hot. Ever since then I  haven’t placed another home delivery order from any grocery company. I do however love the thought of coming home to a food delivery but being the Virgo control freak that I am, I hate the thought of getting fresh products like Fruit & Vege and Meat that are not good quality.
Two weeks ago I received a home delivery of meat from meatcart.com.au. They were providing samples for me to review and I was excited to see if I had finally found a company that had good quality meat that also didn’t break the budget.
The delivery was left in the location that I requested (as I was a work that day) it was packed in a cooler bag – it would of stayed at the correct temperature for a minimum of 8 hours which is perfect for working families. Each portion was 500gm in a sealed leak proof pouch making it either A. Easy to freeze the portion and B. easy to see what you had in fridge/freezer due to the clear labelling.
We enjoyed 4 meals from the meat we were delivered which included – Marinated Pork Loin Steaks, Premium Thin Pork Sausages, Beef Rump Steak and Lamb Loin Chops.

Firstly, we tried the Marinated Pork Loin Steaks – there were 5 in the packet and this fed the 4 of us perfectly. The marinated flavours were delicious and they cooked quickly, making them a great weeknight meal. We enjoyed them with a fresh Fennel, Apple and Orange Salad which is simply finely sliced fennel, apple and onion, with orange segments and fresh parsley added – topped off with a dressing of orange juice, vinegar, salt and pepper. FRESH.HEALTHY & EASY.

Next up were the Premium BBQ Pork Sausages. We enjoyed these two ways. In a Sausage Pasta Bake and cooked on the BBQ. They were super tasty, weren’t dripping in fat when cooked and no gristly pieces making them one of the best sausages I have ever had. I will definiently be ordering some of there great flavoured sausages – the Greek Souvlaki one sound delicious.

BBQ night meant the Beef Rump Steak made an appearance. 3 x 160gm pieces were in the package and fed our family of four. A simple dusting of salt, pepper and olive oil and then straight onto a hot BBQ, they were cooked in no time. They were juicy, tender and ridiculously tasty – a highlight piece of rump steak and received two thumbs up from hubby. This meal was enjoyed with my Zucchini Quiche using a wrap for the crust.

And, saving the best to last were the Lamb Loin Chops. Rosemary and Garlic loves Lamb and these simple flavours were rubbed into the meat 30 minutes prior to cooking. I did these inside in a fry pan on a medium-high heat, turning every minute or do for a total of 8-10 minutes and they were done. There were also 5 pieces in this 500gm package. The meat again was high quality and didn’t disappoint.

We enjoyed our week and a bit of eating meat from Meatcart and I have already been scrolling through their website seeing what we may like to order, and the  great thing is hubby can see what is on offer as he is at work when I do the grocery shopping and misses out on seeing the choices.

Q & A Time

Q: Would I use meatcart.com.au again?
A: Yes I would, I feel confident that I will consistently receive this great quality meat. The flavoured sausages will be in my first order for sure.

Q: Where can I order the meat from?
A: Head to www.meatcart.com.au all the meat is in categories and clearly labelled with quantity and price?

Q: Where do they deliver?
A: They deliver to the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane & Gold Coast.

Visit meatcart on Facebook and Twitter or Call 1800 MEATCART (632 822)

Disclaimer: I was provided the meat mentioned in return for a review. All opinions and words expressed are my own. No money was provided for this review.

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