Easter Bunny Bread Dip Bowl

Easter Bunny Bread Dip Bowl

Last year I made this Easter Bunny Bread Dip Bowl.  It was fun to make and added a point of conversation to the table.  I filled it with my spinach cob dip and served with carrot and cucumber sticks.

The kids thought it was super cute.

Use the photo to guide you with placement of the bread ears and head.


1 Serve of Spinach Cob Dip
1 Large Oval Cob Loaf
1 Standard Bread Roll
MM’s or smarties for the eggs
1 Pink Marshmallow for the nose
Carrot and Cucumber Sticks
Skewers and toothpicks


  1. Make the spinach cob dip.  This can be made the night before and left in the fridge until the next day.
  2. When ready to serve: Cut the top off the cob loaf.
  3. Using the top you will make the ears. Cut the ear shape using each side of the top.
  4. Remove the bread inside the loaf.  Use the filling as dippers.
  5. Cut the bread roll in half (you will only use the top).
  6. Make and indent for the chocolate eyes to sit in place and a slit in the front for the nose to be pushed into.
  7. Toothpicks and skewers are your saviour now – Use them to fix the bread roll half onto the cob loaf as show.
  8. Using long skewers thread them threw the ears and into the head and cob loaf base.
  9. Fill with the dip and arrange with the carrot and cucumber dippers.Easter Bunny Bread Dip Bowl
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