Festive Trifle

Festive Trifle

A trifle at Christmas is a necessity.  It is the one dessert that looks perfect and pretty in a bowl but when you serve it looks like a great big mess (but we all still devour it).

This is my super easy recipe for Festive Trifle.  It was feature in my e-recipe book Entertain with Cooking For Busy Mums and D’Orsogna.  You can download a copy here: [sdm_download id=”6151″ fancy=”0″]


Serves 12+ | Prep 15 Mins | Fridge 4 hr Min

2 Packets Wine Jelly
2 Packets Swiss Roll Cakes
500gm Strawberries
½ Cup Flaked Almonds
½ Cup Flaked Coconut
1 Litre Custard
600mls Thickened Cream


  1. Prepare the jelly the night before. 400ml boiling water per packet of jelly. Set in a large rectangle container and cut into cubes when set.
  2. On the day of serving, slice jam rolls, slice strawberries, toast almonds and coconut and whip cream.
  3. Assemble by layering jam rolls, jelly, strawberries, custard and cream. Repeat until all ingredients are used and finish with cream, almonds and coconut.

Festive Trifle

Festive Trifle

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2 Responses to Festive Trifle

  1. Mel December 7, 2018 at 6:30 pm #

    Hello – which custard do you buy please ? Thank you

    • Amanda December 9, 2018 at 1:09 pm #

      I normally buy the long life 1 litre pouch as I normally have minimal fridge space leading up to Christmas.

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