CANDICE’S LOVE OF THERMOMIX COOKING  has shared with us some of the great webpages for thermomix recipes, books, reviews, and phone app.
There are also comparisons of the savings that can be made by cooking in the Thermomix.
If you would like more info on the Thermomix please contact Candice at:
Here is a link to the thermomix website , we are all interdependent consultants 
there is a link here to the website which shows some of the recipes available
there are thousands of recipes both on there and with the addition of the word “thermomix” on the end of a search in google
there are also heaps of books that Thermomix sells
there is even an app for the thermomix
Money savings:
Take away Risotto $23.00 a serve
thermomix risotto from $3.00 a serve
Boost Juice 2 x 300ml $11.00
thermomix style 3.39
LSA 13.75 / 500g
thermomix LSA 4.86 / 500g
wholemeal bread 4.79
thermomix 1.74
butter 500g 5.38
thermomix 3.56
yoghurt 1 kilo 7.62
thermomix 2.86
almond meal 20.35 / 500g
thermomix 10.78 / 500g
sorbet / ltr 8.62
thermomix 3.43
these are just some basic savings but there are heaps to be had 🙂
here are some of my favorite recipes 
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  1. Prinjie Sutana July 18, 2012 at 4:22 pm #

    My friends have been asking me if the Thermomix is just as great for home cooks as it is for pro chefs, I would always tell them it depends on how often you cook. It’s a little pricy but if you make use of it properly and most of the time then the price shouldn’t be a problem.

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