Summer is here and at our house, we love to lick

This post is contributed by Mandy from Little People Nutrition.

Having a little bubba who idolises his two older sisters, means that I am having to up my game in the home making icy pole stakes as he loves to lick just as much as them and me.

Of course no additives or artificial ingredients are good for kiddies, but with babes, I am even a little more fanatical. Added sugar is also something I like to reduce for all of the family, but again with babes and kids it is a ‘thing’ I think about. Although fruit is completely on the cards.

One of the best things about making your own icy poles, is realistically, you CANNOT go wrong.

A bit of fruit, something juicy, milk, creams, nuts even, jeez louise, the options are endless.

Today I wanted to share with you a couple of recipes we have whipped up recently which the family and I adore. They are super easy and quick and you can have the ingredients on hand all the time.

Virgin Pina Colada

I adore this combination as it smells and tastes like summer. With the coconut water it is also a brilliantly hydrating which is perfect for summer as well as little ones who might have been unwell.

Makes 12 or roughly 1 litre worth

  • 6 rings of pineapple (drained from can)
  • 600 ml of coconut water
  • 250ml of pineapple juice from the can.

You could use fresh pineapple as well but it needs to be quite ripe and only the soft part (not the fibrous middle core).

Blitz, pour and freeze!

Peaches and Cream

Coconut cream is so delicious and of course creamy. I like to use the Ayam brand as it is 100% coconut with no stabilisers or artificial ingredients.

Coconut Cream for Ice Blocks

Although peaches are in season, I have used peaches from a can (in juice) for the sake of ease and accessibility but of course, stewed fresh peaches could be used as well.

Makes 12 or roughly 1 litre worth

  • 2 x 270ml Ayam cans of coconut cream
  • 400ml of peach juice (from the canned peach)
  • 8 quarters of peach (or 2 halves of freshly stewed peach)

Blitz , pour, freeze.

I have used Zip pop sleeves for these icy poles but you could use whichever utensil, device you like.

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