I have two little boys one turning 1 on Saturday and the other 2.5yrs old.  With such a small age gap Mr 2.5yr is still wanting to “do/have” everything that his brother is.

That being said dinner time is crazy:

“I want to sit in the highchair” Mr 2.5 will yell  
“No, your brother has to sit in the highchair you sit in the big boy chair (normal table seat” I say.  

Within seconds of placing him on the normal dining seat he gets down and is off – and can’t get back up by himself.

I needed a solution and then in my newsfeed one morning I saw a photo from Lime Tree Kids and I was in LOVE!!!

I contacted the lovely Shelley from Lime Tree Kids and before I knew it I had a box at my door, RTA (and I must say very easy to put together, all done by allen key and I was able to do it on my own within 30 minutes)

Here is the link to the product details on Lime Tree Kids website: SOHO WOODEN HIGHCHAIR

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What I LOVE about this highchair:

  • The height of the seat can be adjusted as your child grows
  • The step at the bottom can also be adjusted 
  • The strap around the child’s mid-section can be removed completely for older children – this will easily suit my children until 5/6 yrs of age.
  • It is a solid timber construction with an easily wipeable surface
  • Padded seat and back rest are provided that can be simply removed (velcro) and washed as needed.
  • It comes in 3 modern colours to complement your current dining table
  • I takes up less room than a standard highchair as it becomes part of your dining setting
  • It allows your child to be involved in normal mealtimes as they can eat straight from the table like mum and dad
  • It is great to use for craft time at the table as well as cooking at the bench with older children
  • It has non-marking feet that move easily over tiles
Here is Mr nearly1 enjoying his spaghetti straight from the table:

**It is recommended that you have the harness for extra safety: available to purchase separately(not shown here)

Here is Mr 2.5 sitting in the chair without the front bar.

LIME TREE KIDS – is a collection of unique and quality made items for children.
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  1. Trace April 18, 2012 at 9:18 am #

    Amanda, does the chair sit high enought to sit at the kitchen bench?
    Ta Trace <3

  2. Cooking for Busy Mums April 18, 2012 at 11:54 am #

    Hey Trace, it doesn’t go as high as a bar stool they would still have to reach up a little. Hope that helps. Amanda x

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