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So I’ve only been in the school lunchbox business for a couple of years, but I have packed many of lunches for them boys and myself prior to them being school age which could equate to a few hundred lunches with many more to come.

One thing I noticed all my lunches had in come were that I used containers instead of plastic as it is easier for the boys to eat from a designated container than it was to have a plastic bag or something cling wrapped.  I have a thing for containers and storage items for the kitchen in general and when I was recently given a bunch of the Nude Food Movers Lunchbox range to test drive I was quite excited to have new lunchboxes before the new year and so were the boys.

We chose to use the Rubbish Free Lunch Box as it has three separate compartments making it easy for my preppy to use and he only has to remember to return the one container.

See my video here:

Having a rubbish free lunch means that all that comes home is the container and his drink bottle and I don’t have to worry about throwing out sticky messy wrap, and we are doing our little bit to help the environment, as they say every little bit counts.

The range of Nude Food Mover products can be found in Big W, Kmart, Target, Coles and Woolworths.

Find out about more in the range here

I was gifted a range of Nude Food Mover products in return for my review and for my use.

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