Review – Bionade 100% Certified Organic and 40% Less Sugar

I was lucky enough to be sent a box of Bionade to review last month. It was enjoyed at Mr 4’s birthday and received many great comments from the adult guests. So what is Bionade? Bionade is 100% Certified Organic, made from raw materials non-alcoholic drink although brewed similarly. The best part is that it contains 40% less sugar than conventional soft drinks which gives it the big tick from me.

It comes in 4 flavours: Elderberry, Lychee, Ginger-Orange and Herbs (which was my favourite)

Because these drinks are so much lower in sugar then a conventional soft drink and even fruit drinks it gave me the idea of brining back the “spider” as I don’t mind the boys having a little bit of this.
Grab some vanilla ice cream, a glass and pour your favourite Bionade over the ice cream for a frothy old time favourite drink sensation.
I loved Bionade so much that I thought you all need to know about it. This would of been a perfect drink for when I was pregnant or breast feeding and also great if you are trying to reduce your sugar intake but want to enjoy a little treat. Perfect to enjoy this Summer.
For more details about purchasing visit their Facebook Page:

Disclaimer: I was sent a carton of Bionade to try, all opinions and photos are my own.

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