Puff Dogs

Puff Dogs

There is a new “dog” in town!! D’Orsogna have just released a new range of gourmet hotdogs exclusive to Woolworths. They come in two varieties – Cheddar and Chipotle and Traditional.  Once you try one of these hot dogs you will never return to the basic “red” hot dog again.  They are o full of flavour and are juicy when you bite in.  You will find them at the deli counter for $1.20 each and they are a nice big serve.

Enjoy them in a brioche bun or wrap them in puff pastry as I have done.

Puff Dogs Puff Dogs


6 D’Orsogna Gourmet Hot Dogs (Traditional or Cheddar and Chipotle)
1 Sheet of puff pastry
Sesame Seeds
Egg, whisked


  1. Defrost one sheet of frozen puff pastry.  Cut into 6 strips.
  2. Take one hot dog and wrap the strip of puff pastry around it.  Place onto a lined baking tray and repeat until all hot dogs are wrapped.Puff Dogs Puff Dogs Puff Dogs
  3. Brush with the whisked egg and then sprinkle on the sesame seeds.  You can also use cooking oil spray instead of the egg.Puff Dogs
  4. Place into a pre-heated 200 degree Celsius oven and cook for 15 minutes or until the pastry is golden and puffed up.
  5. Serve with classic sauces – tomato, bbq and mustard.

To serve for a party –

Cut into quarters on an angle, add a toothpick and serve on a platter with the sauces in little dipping bowls.

Best enjoyed straight from the oven.

Puff Dogs Puff Dogs Puff Dogs

This is a sponsored post for D’Orsogna. Find more recipes like this one visit the D’Orsogna Website and D’Orsogna Facebook Page.

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