Lamington Trifle

Lamington Trifle

A few weeks ago I had a vision of what I wanted my trifle to look like this year and this was it.  A Lamington Trifle.  It is filled with lamington fingers, mini jam rolls, custard, three types of jelly, cream, raspberries and topped with dried


2 Packets Lamington Fingers
1 Packet Mini Jam Rolls, cur into fours
1 Litre Custard
1 Packet Raspberry Jelly
1 Packet Port Wine Jelly
1 Packet Lime Jelly
Thickened Cream
Fresh Raspberries
Dried Coconut Flakes

Lamington Trifle


  1. Layer the sides of the bowl the lamington fingers and one quarter of the jam roll, repeat for two layers as shown.

Lamington TrifleLamington Trifle

2. Lay lamington fingers on the bottom, pour in a third of the custard and top with a third of the jelly of each of the flavours, pour in a little cream and add raspberries. Repeat for another two layers with the final layer being the top.Lamington Trifle

3. Decorate the top with remaining ingredients.


Tip: Make the jelly the day before.  Assemble first thing in the morning or the night before.

Serves: Alot!!

Lamington Trifle Lamington Trifle Lamington Trifle



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  1. Tami December 18, 2017 at 8:09 pm #

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful trifle. I will be definitely trying this recipe out. Thank you Amanda, i love all your recipes.

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