Hawaiian Chicken Parmigiana

Hawaiian Chicken Parmigiana

How good are chicken parmigiana’s?  You get the crunchy crumbed chicken schnitzel and a bunch of yummy toppings.  I have made a Hawaiian version which is super tasty.  You get the lovely smoked flavour from the triple smoked ham, the sweet flavour from the pineapple and then the melted cheese that just strings off as you cut in.

This is a great mid week meal which would make anyone excited to hear that it is dinner time.

I am using D’Orsogna Triple Smoked Ham which is available from the deli counter of your local Woolworths.

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4 Chicken Schnitzels (or one per person), I cheated and bought them already crumbed
1 Cup Pasta Sauce
2 Slices D’Orsogna Triple Smoked Ham
4 Pineapple Rings
1 Cup Cheese
Salad to serve


1. Cook the chicken schnitzels in a frypan with a little olive oil over a medium high heat until both sides are browned and the chicken bounces back when touched.
2. Top with pasta sauce, 1/2 a slice of DOrsogna Triple Smoked Ham, Pineapple and Cheese.

Hawaiian Chicken Parmigiana
3.  Place under the grill and cook until the cheese starts to bubble and goes golden in colour.

Serve with salad.

Serves 4

Hawaiian Chicken Parmigiana Hawaiian Chicken Parmigiana Hawaiian Chicken Parmigiana Hawaiian Chicken Parmigiana

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