Oven Baked Chips with Feta

Oven Baked Chips with Feta

A few weekends ago I had a craving for chips tossed with feta and seasoned.  I was trying to track back where this craving was from and I can recall seeing the image of chips being tossed in feta on the big screen at The Kitchens at Robina Town Centre.  I had to rectify that craving by making them at home.

They sure hit the spot and will be made again especially when we have family over and serve a roast lamb as the flavours go perfectly with it.

Oven Baked Chips with Feta


500gm Frozen Chips
100gm Feta, crumbled
1 Tbs Fresh Rosemary, chopped fine
Squeeze of half a lemon
Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Bake the chips as per the instructions on the packet.
  2. Once the chips are baked transfer to a large heat proof bowl.  Crumble over the feta, sprinkle on the rosemary, salt and pepper and squeeze on the lemon juice.  Toss to evenly distribute all the flavours.
  3. Enjoy straight away.

Serve with roast lamb or just eat on their own.

Oven Baked Chips with Feta

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