Leftover Roast Triangles

Leftover Roast Triangles

When I make a meal from leftovers I get the most satisfaction from my cooking.  The reason is that I am eliminating my food waste and saving money in the process.

We always have leftovers from our weekly roast (family of four, 2 adults and 2 children under 6) and I am always looking for new ways to make the most of the meat, vegetables and gravy that grace the shelves of my fridge for the next couple of days.

These leftover roast triangles are super quick to make and taste amazing, you won’t believe that it is made from leftovers.


1 Cup Diced Leftover Roast Meat (I used Lamb)
1 Cup Vegetables (peas, beans, carrot, sweet potato, pumpkin etc), diced
1 Cup Mashed Potato
1/2 Cup Gravy
3 Sheets Puff Pastry, defrosted
1 Egg, Whisked


  1. Place the meat, vegetables, mashed potato and gravy into a bowl and mix well to combine.Leftover Roast Triangles
  2. Place one puff pastry sheet onto a cutting board and cut into 4 smaller squares.
  3. Place a heaped tablespoon amount of the filling onto the centre of each square of puff pastry.  Fold the corners over to form a triangle and seal the two edges by pressing down with a fork.  Place onto a lined baking tray and repeat until the desired amount is made.  Brush the tops of the triangles with the whisked egg.Leftover Roast Triangles Leftover Roast Triangles
  4. Place into a pre-heated 200 degree Celsius oven and bake for 10-15 minutes or until the pastry is puffed up and golden.

Enjoy straight from the oven.

As you are using leftover ingredients these need to be eaten straight after making.  You can’t cool and reheat them.

Makes 12

Leftover Roast TrianglesLeftover Roast Triangles

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