4MyEarth Product Review – Reusable Food Covers

4MyEarth’s range of food covers have proven to be very versatile for keeping food fresh and protected.

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I received the medium and large cover to review. The large fits my large mixing bowl from Ikea which is perfect as I always make my pizza dough in this bowl, and now instead of using a piece of cling wrap to cover the bowl while the dough proves I can place the food cover on and easily take it off time and time again.

Currently this medium food cover is covering some leftover quiche that is still in the baking dish I used – perfect no transferring to containers and I can still keep it covered and easily replace the cover over and over again.

This medium size will also fit a standard dinner plate. Great for covering leftovers in the fridge.

The small size fits one of my small mixing/ serving bowls as well as a small side dish and small bowls found in most dinner sets.

These two food covers have been a lovely edition to my kitchen giving me more versatility for food storage in the fridge as I love to prepare meals in advance when I working and this allows me to safely cover larger bowl sizes easily.

You can purchase these food covers from here: click to visit 4MyEarth online store.

4MyEarth has kindly provided FREE POSTAGE for this week – 13 August 2012 – 19 August 2012. All you need to do is use the Promo Code: COOKING when completing your purchase.

The important stuff  www.4myearth.com.au:

Made from Cotton/Canvas with a biodegradable coating these washable, reusable food covers will rid your fridge of plastic wrap and keep your food fresh time and time again. Also great to have at an outdoor BBQ or Picnic to keep the bugs off of your food when no one is eating.

Care Instructions
Dishwasher, machine or hand wash. Drip dry. Not to be used in microwave or oven.

Country of Origin

Ethically made in India.

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