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If you are an avid reader of the blog you’ll already know I work with brands to provide you reviews on new products, giveaways and delicious new recipes. Cooking For Busy Mums is pleased to announce I am expanding on my long term partnerships this month.

I will be working with Legendairy calling on all Australians, big and small, to Start and End the Day with Dairy. This will see me sharing many new Legendairy recipes from now and into the early New Year.

Legendairy is an initiative of Dairy Australia and places the spotlight on the entire dairy industry. By showcasing the passionate people behind the product, Legendairy reminds Australian of where their delicious dairy products come from. Dairy is more than just enjoying dairy food though – the dairy industry contributes a huge amount to the Australian economy and supports regional communities. ’Legendairy’ is a pretty apt description of this industry!

Why is it important to start and end our day with dairy?

With 8 out of 10 Australians not consuming their daily dairy serves, I’m joining Legendairy on its mission to encourage Australia to start and end the day with dairy and reach the recommended intake of dairy for their age group. The idea is that if we all shifted our perception of dairy from a typically morning food group to an end-of-day food too, we’d all be well on our way to combatting this under consumption.

My two boys already love smoothies, yoghurts and umm of course ice cream (!) so they have no trouble getting their recommended serves each day. As for myself and hubby, when I actually think about it, some days I only reach one serve (and that was from my cup of coffee). So I understand it can seem difficult to meet our recommended serves – but I’m determined to change this!

child serves

adult serves

Dairy is listed as one of our main food groups providing us with essential nutrients including calcium, vitamin B12, iodine, riboflavin, and high quality protein.

We would be crazy to miss out on such a nutrient packed food group; especially one that’s so easy, healthy and delicious to include into our meals each day. I’ve personally never seen anyone complain about enjoying a yummy cheese platter or frozen yoghurt (I have however seen tantrums over broccoli).

Here are some simple ways you can start your day with dairy straight away: make a smoothie for breakfast with milk and yoghurt (I have a great recipe for the best breakfast banana smoothie coming really soon). From this simple smoothie you will get the important nutrients of dairy plus the benefits of it being low GI to help fuel you throughout the morning.

How can you end you day with dairy (besides ice cream)? A splash of cream in your pasta dish as well as a grating in your favourite cheese makes a delicious meal. Or why not try yoghurt with a rainbow of fruits to get a nutrient hit at dessert time. What’s more; the protein found in milk has been linked to a better night’s sleep – so don’t hold back on that last warm milk our littlies love before bed (and include a splash in your evening tea!).

It really is easy to start and end our days with dairy.


What does this partnership mean for the blog?

Throughout the next five months I will be adding additional recipes to the blog where dairy is the main ingredient. These will be family friendly and relevant to the time of year. e.g. January you will see two back-to-school focused recipes. The lovely folk over at Legendairy will also be providing some Legendairy recipes developed by their Dairy Kitchen especially for you.

I hope you enjoy this journey with me. I know I can’t wait to find new ways to start and end my day with dairy. If you would like more information about Legendairy, jump over to the website and Facebook page where you’ll find a wealth of information.

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