I received these adorable worry dolls last week and asked Mr 3 to pick his favourite for us to have on our fridge,  this is the one he chose.  It has made a lovely addition to our photos and artwork.

Worry Dolls in Australia range of worry dolls are from Guatemala and are all produced by co-operatives from various villages.

For the most part the production of these items is undertaken by women’s groups and co-operatives to raise funds for their villages. The money earned provides much needed funds for basic necessities and also funds for small scale infrastructure projects within their communities.

All goods are ethically produced and all artisans and workers involved in every steps of the production are fairly compensated for their skills and work.

Visit their Facebook page here:  Worry Dolls in Australia.

I also received 5 of these little cuties and as the worry doll legend suggests I should place one under my pillow to awake refreshed….tonight this little guy will be sleeping under my pillow 🙂

The Worry Doll Legend: â€śWhen a person can not sleep well due to worries, they tell the worries to a worry doll. They then put the doll under their pillow and during the night the worry doll worries in the persons place, allowing them to sleep well and awake refreshed”.

To view the whole range of Worry Dolls visit their website:

They also have FREE POSTAGE for orders over $25.

If you would like to win one of your very own Worry Doll Magnets, all you have to do is enter using the rafflecopter box below.  Good Luck.

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