Festive Trifle

Top 5 No Bake Christmas Desserts

Christmas desserts don’t get much easier than these no bake delights.  So pick your favourite add the ingredients to your shopping list and get making.

Here are my top 5 No Bake Christmas Desserts

1. Festive Trifle – click here for recipe

Festive Trifle

2. Passionfruit and Mango Butternut Ripple Cake – click here for recipe

Passionfruit and Mango Butternut Biscuit Ripple Cake

3. Cherry Topped Cheesecake – click here for recipe

No Bake Cherry Topped Cheesecake

4. Minty Chocolate Ripple Cake – Click here for recipe

Minty Chocolate Ripple Cake

5. Mix In Ice Cream Cake – Click here for recipe

Mix in ice cream cake

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