Dairy Australia

In 2015 I joined Legendairy on its mission to encourage Australia to reach the recommended intake of dairy for their age group.

This year I’m excited to continue that partnership to bring you more delicious and family friendly milk, cheese and yoghurt recipes throughout the year.

Legendairy is an initiative of Dairy Australia and celebrates the entire dairy industry. By showcasing the passionate people behind the product, Legendairy reminds Australian of where their delicious dairy products come from. It’s is more than just enjoying dairy food though – the dairy industry contributes a huge amount to the Australian economy and supports regional communities. So, ‘Legendairy’ is a pretty apt description of this industry!

The products are pretty Legendairy too. Did you know milk contains electrolytes and is hydrating? Cheese contains calcium for healthy bones, and yoghurt is packed with essential nutrients including protein? That’s just the tip of the iceberg; It’s amazing what dairy can do and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

We’ll kick off with a number of recipes and videos focusing on milk, followed by cheese, and then yoghurt later in the year. I’ll be sharing a number of recipes on the blog, as well as videos to show you how you can enjoy these delicious, nutrient dense foods every day, to ensure you and your kids are getting enough dairy in your diet.

I’ll also be showcasing a series of guest blog posts from Dairy Australia Dietitian and mother, Glenys Zucco, who will share insight to the nutritional benefits of dairy foods, and tips on how to include milk, cheese and yoghurt in family meals – it’s easier than you might think. She’ll also share some of her favourite recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and afterschool snacks or treats from The Dairy Kitchen, so be sure to keep an eye out.

Dairy can be easily incorporated to your family’s meals, for both taste and nutrition benefits. Follow my Legendairy partnership journey to see for yourself.

For more information on dairy foods, farm life, health and more, head to the Legendairy website, full of information for the whole family.

You can also ‘like’ the Legendairy and The Dairy Kitchen Facebook pages, to stay up to date with the latest dairy information, family friendly dairy recipes, industry news and latest promotions. I’ll be sharing some useful information via these platforms across the year, too.